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HVAC Repair Service

The North Texas AC Company offers repair services to the Northern Texas region. North Texas Air Conditioning Repair Co. is the local company to call for residential and commercial AC repairs.

We have proudly served the communities in the North Texas region for 20 years and set the standard for air conditioning services.

AC Repair

Leading the Air Conditioning Industry in North Texas

Call the North Texas AC Company for replacements, HVAC repairs, and heating & cooling installation services in Northern Texas.


North Texas AC Repair Services

When it comes to air conditioning units, our North Texas experts are licensed and insured to handle repairs, replacement, and installation.

No HVAC job is too big or small. Whether you need AC maintenance for a single unit or multiple units, you will get fast, high-quality results that you can depend on. Our reliable service is the main reason so many in North Texas consider us to be the Best HVAC company in the Northern Region of Texas!

Furnace Repair & Cleaning

North Texas Heating and Air are experienced to repair and clean your furnace.

AC maintenance

HVAC & AC Maintenance

We can also provide you with Air Conditioning Maintenance services.

Commercial HVAC Repair

Commercial HVAC Repair

Our North Texas team Repairs and Installs Commercial AC units.

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Why Choose North Texas Heating & Air Conditioning?

All of our people ACE-certified, meaning they have obtained the industry gold standard in AC repair services.

You can feel certain knowing they are certified to provide outstanding maintenance for any brand of AC system.

Texas AC is one of the highest rated air conditioner companies in the North. Each of our repair technicians are licensed and insured.

When it comes to air conditioning services, our North Texas experts are certified to handle your HVAC needs.

Customer Reviews

Prompt service, and I couldn’t of asked for better quality. Operation of repairing my AC unit was explained throughout the process and again after job was complete. I could not be happier with the end result.

Joshua B.

Very professional crew. They were able to provide HVAC repair services to our property by our deadline. A great job and I would highly recommend hiring the Texas AC Company.

Stephanie V.

Our neighbors suggested that we use this AC repair company… We’ll definitely be giving our neighbors a Christmas card this year 🙂

Thanks again!

Edward & Kathy

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